To invest or not to invest, that is the question!

I was speaking to a young parent the other day, young children and not old himself at only 37. However, as we spoke and the matters progressed, it dawned on us that he had no consideration in regards to his children’s future financial needs, nor how he could satisfy them apart from the usual work hard and stay employed route.

What he, and many others in his position was missing is that it really is, never too early to start saving for the future. At 35 we all think that the world is laid out for us and we have our lives to live, but, any parent out there knows, the time seems to fly by, where once you held them in the palm of your hand, now they are browsing shops and soon will be looking to college.

We come back to the old misconception that a Financial Adviser is for the wealthy, which is not the case. A Financial Adviser looks to help you look at your situation, provide ideas how to plan for the future and gives you advice on how to obtain those goals. You do not have to use the advice, but can you afford to pass up a free chat!

Investment Funds, Fixed Deposits, Shares, Bonds, Regular Savings Plans, SIPPs, ISAs, the list goes on and on, but do you know how they can help you and which one to choose? A simple, obligation free chat with a Financial Adviser can help you make decisions now that will benefit you in 10 to 15 years’ time… think that is a long time still, it’s as long as the Euro has been in circulation! Any parent with a 10 year old will tell you, they just grew up in an eye blink. The days mount up, so can your savings if you look after them.

Chat with a financial adviser and discover how you can provide for the 18th Birthday, the college education, a Grandchild’s 21st or the wedding you swore you would never indulge in way back when! The simple matter of life is that money will be needed when you least expect it and you need to know how to deal with the demands.

Do you have a pension? Do you know how to set one up? What benefits can you enjoy by having a pension plan in place, even a private one? Look around you and think, how many of my peers are set up for later life? I’ve had a look recently and I can pretty much guarantee that 80% of the people I see on a daily basis are not prepared for their financial future. What will you do when you retire or something happens that needs paying? A client contacted me last week to cash in one of their pensions as they have to pay for both a Wedding and a Funeral in the next month, it can strike that quickly and you need to be prepared!

However, being prepared is easy, a quick, informal chat to set out some guidelines and, more importantly, get you thinking about it, will show you how easy it is to set the wheels in motion and pick the way to save that is best for you!

Brexit Fears?

Are you worried yet? Do you know what is in store once the Brexit klaxon sounds throughout Europe?

Don’t worry just now, nobody knows, no matter what people think, the situation is too far away and subject to too much negotiation just yet for anybody to have a clear indication. Don’t let gossipmongers and naysayers fill you with fear over this situation.

Things will change, things will also stay the same, there is too much at stake for anybody to have an idea yet. Don’t listen to O’Leary at Ryanair, don’t let people pressure you into decisions, Europe will continue with a Hard or Soft Brexit, the UK will continue and the sun will still shine in Spain and that is what, in the end, we really want!

Life insurance, have you considered it?

Recently I was speaking with a client of ours who asked me a couple of very valid questions – Should I insure my life and do you do insurance for over 50’s….

Both questions were a resounding yes, the 1st one was no surprise but the 2nd one did shock my client as she had not been able to find Life Insurance being over 50. A quick chat and we were able to get her insured, which proved even more satisfactory to the client as we learnt that she was Diabetic, a smoker and had high blood pressure! Even with that situation, we were able to insure her life for 100,000 through our agreement with Liberty Seguros, she even managed to save a bit on her premium as, having another insurance with us, and she got a 10% discount on her new policy!

Car, House and Life policies, we can do all for you and even if we can’t help, it never hurts to check if you are paying too much on your policies!