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Investing in cryptocurrency

Investing in cryptocurency …. Safe and current or risky fashionable craze??? Whilst there is thousands of different opportunities available to investors both experienced and new to the markets, cryptocurrency is surely one of the most talked about alternatives at this moment in time. But what actually is a cryptocurrency? (or crypto currency) and is it […]

Is your UK defined benefit pension safe!!!

Pension protection fund explained High in everybody’s news feed in the last few days is the relatively surprising collapse of Britain’s second-biggest construction company – Carillion. For many people that are currently in employment with some of the UK’s largest companies day to day work is generally something that is assumed as a given – […]

Financial tips for the New Year

Instead of Gyms, Drink and Cigarettes, think about giving your finances the resolution treatment this year Another year has ended, 2018 has begun with many people looking to make a fresh start, new beginnings and change their lives for the better.  While this is a worthy goal, too many people forget to consider the financial […]

Estate Inheritance and Tax

Benjamin Franklin’s oft quoted line about “nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes” is one we all are too aware of.  The spectre of both haunt us constantly through our adult lives and it seems the older we get, the more familiar we become with both burdens. However, Franklin never knew […]

Notary Fees and Mortgage Set Up Claims

The Clausula Suelo is well underway and after various rulings, denials, appeals, European interjection and the Spanish Government’s involvement, Banks are starting, slowly it must be said, to address the situation and refund money to their clients. It still by no means is a done deal when you find a Clausula Suelo in your mortgage […]

Clausula Suelo, the consumer’s victory!

Banks, their reputations have suffered in recent memory. No longer are they seen as trusted institutions, now they are pariahs that prey on everyone, no matter what the cost. We saw it with the Global crash, instigated by banks, Icelandic collapse, the English LIBOR scandal and here in Spain, the Clausula Suelo. Wide-reaching scams that […]

The next bank claim!

Not to flog a dead horse but, once again we are sorry to say that there is another issue that banks have to answer for that some of our readers may not know about. In 2015, the Spanish High Court ruled that any client taking out a mortgage, should not have had to pay for […]