BBVA bank to Pay New Clients 20 Euro per Month If They Open an Account Online

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BBVA, Spain’s second largest bank, is the latest entity to launch a new product in a bid to attract new clients, with its new package Plan Conecta BBVA, which was unveiled earlier this month.

With the aim of increasing its database of online users, this new product has many advantages, including a profitability of 3.3% in the best cases.

One of the main selling points is the fact that BBVA will pay all new clients 20 euro every month over the period of one year if they get their wages or pension paid directly into their account for at least three months. This is provided that the amount paid into the bank is 600 euro or more. Therefore, the client will be paid 240 euro over the 12-month period.

The only other condition is that the client contracts this service online, through the online channel at

Other pros of the Plan Conecta BBVA include:

  • The new account is easy to set up via the Internet and your phone
  • No maintenance or administration costs or fees
  • Free debit card with no annual quota
  • 0% commissions
  • No permanency agreement
  • Queries answered online
  • Free transfers online in Spain and Europe

BBVA’s aim for 2015 is to exceed 15 million digital clients.

The head of the BBVA Group, Francisco González, has had his eye on the digital market for at least 10 years. He has invested large sums of money in modernizing the group’s systems and warned that the traditional method of banking’s days are numbered.

Other entities that have already launched similar campaigns are Santander and Banco Popular.

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