Investment Funds, a solid way to invest

Many people shy away from Investment Funds in search of a more secure and guaranteed return on their investments. However, a proper Investment Fund, with Investment managers behind it, should always make money as they have the power to move the underlying investments around to maximise growth as the market changes.

You can put your savings in a Deposit Account but in the current Market and its terrible interest rates, you are really only lending your money to the bank, virtually interest free. They, I’m afraid to say will not treat you the same when offering you a loan!

It’s a sign of the times that even most banks will try to steer you to Investment Funds when you go in with “New Money” as not only is it, usually, the better option right now, they make higher margins on it as they invest you in their own “in house” funds.

However, an independent Fund Manager will not be looking to use certain funds just to get a higher bonus at the end of the year, they look to the best option for their client’s money as, the bottom line for them is, the better the fund performs, the more they make by administering it.

A well run investment fund, and there are 1,000’s, is a great option for investing money. Even if the fund does not live up to its predictions (Most funds will claim an annual return of 3-6%) it should still outperform any Deposit account being offered by a bank.

Here at Pennick Blackwell, we don’t just tell our clients to invest in a Fund and watch your money grow. Through our free financial review, we examine a client’s individual situation and make our recommendations based on our fact find. And it is just that, a recommendation. If a client does not “feel it” for any reason, we understand. In our review, we would offer various investment opportunities, explain them all and get the client’s feedback in order to fully explain the situation.

Many people are under the mistaken belief that a Financial Advisor is just for the wealthy people to get more money, in reality that could not be farther from the truth. Anybody can consult a financial adviser and benefit from a free financial health check, like we provide here at Pennick Blackwell.

Are you planning for retirement? A life changing event? Looking after an inheritance? Looking to provide for Grandchildren when they set off for college? There are many ways to save and many ways to invest, it is not all about what your bank will tell you, they are biased towards their own products and many people have lost huge sums of money by believing their friendly neighbourhood Bank Manager. It does not matter if you have € 10,000 or € 100,000, an independent adviser will give you options you may not have known about and could open your eyes to a different option.

What we guarantee is a free, no obligation review of your situation and a full explanation of what you can do with your savings, depending on what you are looking for, long or short term, risk free or not, we will explain the options to you and let you make the decision.

Prepare with Pennick Blackwell and minimise the risks to your money (and health!)

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The Property ladder – A great investment, done right

A frequent request we receive here at Pennick Blackwell is “Should I buy an investment property in Spain?”

The question is an easy one to answer if you know what you are looking for! With our Financial and Property experts, we can sit down with you to discuss the pros and cons of buying an investment property and help you look at the reasons you are doing it. Of course, we can then find you that property that you are looking for.

Not only do we have dedicated Estate Agents and Financial Planners, but with our combined experience in the Spanish market we can help you in every aspect of buying a property to rent out for a long term income. We also work closely with various registered Notaries, Architects and Lawyers to ensure all is in order before and after you buy.

Furthermore, we can offer you a property management solution so if you do not live in Spain, we can keep an eye on your investment, handle any issues that arise and keep you posted to any developments. With our strategic partnership with Liberty Seguros, we can make sure that what you buy is secured and protected.

Through our experience in the sector, we can also help you to decide how you want to run an investment property. Do you want to run it with rapid turnover of occupancy or a long term rental? If you are looking for a property that will be desirable for the holiday market and rent it on a weekly basis, have you considered what to do in the non-peak times of the year?

If you are looking at the long term market, are you prepared to meet the added payments that a tenant will not cover? Community fees, rubbish charges, damages and replacements to the fixtures and fittings?

Property rental can be a very, very lucrative venture if you approach it in the right way and you are fully informed from the off. If you know what you are getting into and get the right management team to monitor it for you, then a healthy profit is what you can hope to achieve.

If you are interested in either buying a property to rent, or moving to Spain and want a new home in the sun, contact us for a no obligation, free chat to see how well it can work for you.

Prepare with Pennick Blackwell and minimise the risks to your money (and health!)

A new government, a new budget, same old meddling for pensions however

The new budget has tried to crack down on pensions and specifically, QROPS, a right of ex pats abroad but a bugbear for the government and badly run pensions plans in the UK.

However, thankfully, the restrictions put in place in this new insertion into people’s hard earned pensions has been limited. The restrictions are mainly in place to prevent people bringing their money to different continents or “far afield”.

Pennickblackwell however specialise in the transfer of ex pats pensions within the EEA of which Malta, our preferred partner is based. This means that our clients can continue to enjoy the many and wide ranging benefits of QROPS transfers without the added burden of a 25% tax on transfers out of the EEA.

The pertinent point here is that the Budget cracked down on transfers out of the EEA, be careful if you are looking at the Far East, Australasia or any other district outside of Europe, you could well be hit with added charges and, Pennickblackwell are happy to advise you, no matter who you work with, if your chosen destination is a risk or not.

At Pennickblackwell, we pride ourselves on client satisfaction over revenue. If a client has a question or query, we are more than happy to sit down, listen to the concerns and offer them an answer, you have earned this money over your life, it is only you who should benefit and enjoy it now that you can.

If we feel that your decision is a risk to you, or your future, we will tell you and explain why, if we deem it a sound investment, we will also confirm that information to you. You don’t have to be a client to benefit from our advice, our number 1 goal is to help people.

If you have any financial queries or concerns, contact us today for a free, no obligation chat to see if we can help you, either through our unbiased opinion or through our dedicated financial advice.
Don’t get confused in the world of finance, there are specialists available to you and initial consultations are free of charge so you can see how you can benefit from our advice.

Prepare with PennickBlackwell and minimise the risks to your money (and health!)

NHS Staff running out of time to move pensions abroad

Many NHS staff both former and current are now looking to Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (Qrops) as their best option for long term financial security and a comfortable retirement, before new legislation banning transfers for unfunded schemes overseas comes into effect from April 2015.

As from April 2015, The Armed Forces, civil service, NHS, firefighters, police and teachers will be banned from transferring their pensions to a scheme developed initially to allow expats living in another country to be closer to their savings and thus avoid UK tax and currency fluctuations.

With the uncertainty of more changes looming like a dark cloud over the UK pension market, combined with the fact that pensions are set to be locked into the UK permanently as of April 2015, it is understandable that expats are looking at QROPS as a way out of the UK.

Benefits of QROPS include:

-Tax free lump sums of up to 30% of your entire Pension Pot;

– Greater flexibility in the investing of your pension;

– Protected funds that are not subject to inheritance tax (currently 55%) or divorce judgements;

– Tailor-made schemes to fit with your circumstances;

– Potential for early retirement.

There is only five months before QROPS are no longer an option for NHS employees. Call us here at Pennick Blackwell, we will come to you for a free, no obligation fact find in order to establish your pension pot value and give you the options on how you can get the best out of it.

Prepare with Pennick Blackwell and minimise the risks to your money (and health!)

Pennick Blackwell – Advice in your language

In any country, if there is a different language, for many people there is a definite barrier to overcome. Some try, some fail, some look for ways to circumvent the problem.

Even if you do get to grips with the language of a new country, there are specialist vocabularies that can be even harder to digest for people. Financial terminology can be in league with medical and legal terminology when in another country with another language. Not understanding what you are being told or asked to sign can have drastic implications for the unwary. There are scores of people who have found their life savings mis-invested due to lack of knowledge, confusion over terminology or, unfortunately, less than scrupulous employees of financial institutions who are just after their next bonus.

Here at Pennick Blackwell, we treat you as you wish to be treated in your own language. If you are interested in any information, advice or guidance on any financial matter, don’t hesitate to call, email or pop into our offices in Albir to discuss whatever you need. We are happy to offer a free, no obligation advice to any customer who is worries or stuck when it comes to financial matters.

If you are looking to open a bank account, we can advise you on what to look for as well as what to avoid. Many banks will not want customers who, in the bank’s eyes, are not of value to them and we can explain these circumstances to you in order to save you time. Do you want a resident or non-resident account in Spain? Not sure which, we can explain both to you and what you will need to open the account with the bank.
Interested in investing money then we can advise you on the different options the banks will present to you and what they mean for your money.

Don’t just be sold on the interest being provided, some of the best offers mean that you will not be seeing your capital for quite some time, years in many cases.

Prepare with Pennick Blackwell and minimise the risks to your money (and health!)