Life insurance, have you considered it?

Recently I was speaking with a client of ours who asked me a couple of very valid questions – Should I insure my life and do you do insurance for over 50’s….

Both questions were a resounding yes, the 1st one was no surprise but the 2nd one did shock my client as she had not been able to find Life Insurance being over 50. A quick chat and we were able to get her insured, which proved even more satisfactory to the client as we learnt that she was Diabetic, a smoker and had high blood pressure! Even with that situation, we were able to insure her life for 100,000 through our agreement with Liberty Seguros, she even managed to save a bit on her premium as, having another insurance with us, and she got a 10% discount on her new policy!

Car, House and Life policies, we can do all for you and even if we can’t help, it never hurts to check if you are paying too much on your policies!