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The next bank claim!

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Not to flog a dead horse but, once again we are sorry to say that there is another issue that banks have to answer for that some of our readers may not know about.

In 2015, the Spanish High Court ruled that any client taking out a mortgage, should not have had to pay for the Notary Fees relating to that mortgage. However, as usual, the banks were happy to let the clients pay Notary fees for an agreement that the bank holds the rights to until the very last payment.

Until the mortgage is paid in full, the bank are the legal owners of a mortgaged property and are responsible for the costs involved in setting up a mortgage on that property.

Again, like the Suelo, this situation will drag on, the banks will dispute it, will delay it but eventually, should have to pay out on it, they took money from clients who, in many instances, had to scrape and save for every Euro in order to secure their mortgage. A few thousand would go a long way for any client that is buying a house, no matter what it is used for, the obligatory Life Insurance, the demanded House Insurance, that nice new Sofa or the 50” TV.

If you wish to have more information about how you can claim on this new situation, please do not hesitate to contact us through any of the methods listed below and we can look into the case for you.

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