Saving your Money – Is the Mattress the best option…

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If not an age old image, then hiding money under the mattress is at least a common idea that we have all come across, and many people do, in an effort to keep our money safe and secure.  While we always have access to it easily enough, is it the best option for you?

In current times, and after all the recent bad press for Banks, investor confidence is at a very shaky level.  Here is Spain, 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon has been changed to 3 degrees of “preferentes” such is the level of people who were caught in this scandal a few years ago, and are still looking for their lost savings.

However, you work hard for your money, shouldn’t it work for you as well?  There are many ways to invest your money to have it grow for you and a few careful, well informed choices can increase what you have while you are busy earning more, surely an attractive prospect.

Life savings, inheritances, continual saving, short-term, long-term, risk free, calculated risk investments, property investments….the list goes on and on but, depending on where you go, you could be steered into something that is not best for you, but better for the person taking your hard earned cash from you.

By speaking to an independent financial advisor, you can explain what you want from your money, realistically speaking!, and then you can have your options explained to you in a way you understand and can decide on.  Do you want a guaranteed return on your funds, something small but secure?  Would you like to enter the Stock Market and are not sure how or what the advantages are?  Investment funds are all the rage in banks at present, do you know how they work?  Are you having the options explained to you?  Or do you just want to set aside some money every month so that in a few years that dream holiday won’t be such a financial burden?

If you have any questions or are not sure what you want to do with your hard earned money, call into Pennick Blackwell for a free, no obligations chat and let’s see how we can get it working for you!

Prepare with Pennick Blackwell and minimise the risks to your money (and health!)

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